Self Assessment Tax Returns

Getting your self assessment tax return right is essential and without some pre-existing knowledge on the subject, it can be extremely difficult. Which expenses am I allowed to reclaim? Which types of income are taxable and at what rate? Am I missing out on capital allowances? All valid questions for the small business owner and questions that we can help you answer.


The penalties for getting self assessment wrong can be far reaching; underpaying your tax can result in fines and back dated interest bills from the HMRC. Overpayment of tax denies your business the funds it requires for future growth.


Let us help you get self assessment right. 

Subcontracting Under the Construction Industry Scheme

If you are a subcontractor registered under the CIS scheme, we can help with producing your self assessment tax return.



Alternatively, if your business employs CIS subcontractors, we can assist you with the payment process from verification of subcontractors through to meeting your reporting duties to HMRC.

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